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   To all readers.     This website tells about the simple things. About electrolyzer, electrolysis and fuel economy. The addition of hydrogen can save up to 10% fuel. You can save up to 30% of fuel, but the control system becomes very complicated.  In addition,  this website has only one page, translated into English. To read more you will have to use any translator.                                     Good luck.

  Attention! All experiments with electrolysis do not start with a cigarette lighter. We must begin with the purchase of safety glasses (eye protection) which protect the eyes and as a pair of rubber gloves (skin protection). Wearing this, you can continue reading. The author of this website does not take any, any responsibility for the results of your experiments.

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  •  How it all began. It's amazing how people make complex from very simple. What are the opportunities for cheaters! In the text a reference to another part of the web site, where Faraday's law explains the essence of electrolysis (hydrolysis). No need to be a professor, that would calculate the electrolyzer and the amount of hydrogen which can be obtained..
  •  A simple experiment. If you do not want to do this electrolyzer, the virtual experiment with the electrolyzer described on this page. Provides an understanding of the laws of electrolysis process.
  •  My electrolysis cell to produce a hydrogen. This is something that rode in my car and separately producing oxygen and hydrogen. The design is complex and not recommended for complete repetition.
  •  A simple power supply. You do not have to be high-end electronics engineer, that would make the power supply for HHO cell. Old ATX power supply, from any computer, solves all problems.
  •  Excellent and simple electrolyzer. No need to surf the Internet and look for where to buy. All ingenious is simple and easily made​​, even at home.

  Stanley Meyer's Electrolyzer. Practical experiments.   The story about electrolysis at AC and DC. The practical result of the Meyer's cell.

  Other electrolyzers.  Briefly about the features of other electrolyzers. From several journals "Model Builder", electrolyzer "Effect - 80" and others. If you have additional information, then let me know. I will publish any materials that do not conflict with common sense.

  •  Materials: plastic and electrolyte. Only if you are going to make an electrolytic cell, but are having a problem with the materials.
  •  Materials: metal. Same as the previous one, only about "donors" of a metal plates. Plus - you will solve a problem with the current source for home experiments.
  •  Materials: electrical, electronics. Connecting HHO cell (car wiring). Wiring diagram for a simple cell connection in any car. Briefly about the rules of connecting additional electronics eq. to standard car. Wires, their connection to the relay, and so on. A simple electrical diagram of any car.

  Performance of the HHO cell.   The problem is that the electrolyser producing water vapor, which, sometimes, more than half. About how to count the amount of hydrogen, oxygen and water vapor (HHO's).

  An unexpected problem with the electrolysis and how to fix it.   There is a serious problem that is not discussed on the forums. Along with hydrogen, oxygen and water vapor, from the cell "comes out" electrolyte, which could seriously damage the engine. To learn how to use the school knowledge of chemistry, to avoid it.

  A simple spectrometer and very simple.   An interesting "weekend" project or a serious instrument that you can make in an hour. Very interesting and very simple. With equal success can be used to determine the quality of oxygen hydrogen mixture, or to test the lighting before photography.

  The engine control system.   If you do not know about engine control system, you must read! As short as possible, with pictures, all that you need to know about the internal combustion engine, fuel-injected engine, and fuel management system.

  HHO cell installation and fuel saving.  Saving fuel when hydrogen is added. Why? According to the results of practical testing.

 If you already have an electrolyser or going to install the electrolyzer into the car. Do not rush. Wait until I finish the section or do a web search on related issues. (in progress)

  •  The story from which it was necessary to get started. My story, about why and how I became involved in add a hydrogen to the fuel. Final will disappoint you.
  •  Automatic battery charger. Simple design. Has unique characteristics and is very useful for charging car batteries. It charges any car battery in half an hour, automatically. Detailed description.

  Power supply 30 watts (up to 120 watts) made ​​of energy-saving light bulbs to 23W!   Photo + experimental scheme of energy saving lamp converter. Look how much power you can get without alterations.

  •  Car battery charger made from a computer power supply. No need to suffer and try to remake the computer power supply unit into the car battery charger. Enough to take the two power supply and connect them in series. This will save time and hassle.
  •  Charger from the microwave oven.  Simply explained how to turn a broken microwave oven in excellent charger or power supply more power.
  •  Car alternator 95 Amps. Ford alternator, which will certainly fail, after experimenting with electrolysis. Describe a procedure how to repair, at home, of course.
  •  Briefly about car generator. Briefly, about how automotive alternator works. Very useful to know in the future, even if your alternator is not ran 200,000 miles and working well.

  Talk about Meyer's cell at various forums.  Common and shorter version on many forums discussion. Read only if you have a time and sense of humor. Based on the materials from

  A working model of the heat engine (Stirling Engine).  There are a lot of simple things that we do not suspect. Video, 40 seconds in MOV format. 4 or 11 MB depending on the size of the image. All good shows, but try to explain how it works?

  Solar battery. Making yourself at home. About variants solar panels without use of any silicon panels. Make a scale model, look at what to expect from full scale, home-made batteries. This section in progress, waiting for the end of experiments and generalize the result (of which more than a lot).

  Attention. The site is not commercial.  Advertising and  banners will be not accepted. Advertising of service not killed for many reasons, like good hosting for this web site and an incredible number of services.

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