It's me,at the moment, when I have to write a cover letter (Sergey Koots).

Current activity: 

Or what I'm doing now (removed).

Extended information: 

education, knowledge, skills, experience, hobbies,  and  so  on (removed).

June. 26, 2018

My  Resume,  download (.doc)

Revere,  MA  02151
Cell.      (781) 724-6509

  Summary   (English ver.)

  •    Professional Engineer with 5 years of Manufacturing Engineering experience, 10 years of Electronics, Mechanical and Chemical Engineering experience.
  •   Master’s Degree (Chemical Engineering).
  •   Additional Education: Electronics, Chemistry.
  •   Strong work ethics.
  •   Etc. 

  At the current time - actively seeking a new job.

  Objective:   EngineerService EngineerResearcher,  Technician,  Assembler,  Quality Control person.

  Open to all offers and opportunities   (within a radius of 20-35 miles from Revere, MA).

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